Monday, 2 November 2015

CY Leung's Halloween Fright

Troubled privileged girl Leung Chai-yan in her Halloween costume
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has more problems on his hands and it's not the city that has the issues -- it's his daughter.

Leung Chai-yan has been a periodic thorn in his side and this time she lashed out at her mother, Regina Tong Ching-yee.

For Halloween, the 24-year-old was dressed up as a ghoulish figure in a white robe, with a white face save for dark makeup around the eyes and streaks on her cheeks to make it look as if mascara was running down her face. Her red lips were artfully painted with a few red streaks too.

Regina Tong cradling her face after her daughter slapped her
However, when it was time to leave the Lan Kwai Fong area, which was choc full of party goers, Tong tried to help her daughter get into a taxi and Leung slapped her face twice, pushing her out of the taxi too.

In the video footage, Tong was seen cradling her cheek in shock.

"You know this mum is not my actual biological mother," Leung said to the small crowd who had gathered at the scene around 3am Sunday morning. "Mum, just go. Just go."

The young woman then ushered a young man into the vehicle and helped cover his face, leaving her mother behind.

Today Tong tried to brush off the altercation, claiming her daughter was "tipsy" at the time and had no intention of offending anyone.

Moments before Leung slapped her mother twice in the taxi
She also claimed the media, some 50 reporters surrounded Leung and her friends.

"What Chai-yan wanted to do was to protect her friends and not let them be pictured by the media," Tong said. "Chai-yan is a kind-hearted girl. She is keen to protect her friends. I believe she had no intention of offending anyone with her behaviour that evening."

Then what about her comment saying Tong wasn't her biological mother?

She had no comment, but instead pleaded with the media to give her daughter more space.


Sounds like Tong is desperate to spin the story, but pictures and videos don't lie.

Obviously Leung has some serious issues, the first of which is slapping her mother -- as well as denouncing her -- in public.

She has become a desperate and frightening side show for CY Leung's administration, who is constantly put in crisis management mode whenever his daughter does something public.

Perhaps yet another reason Leung should not seek a second term? Who knows what his daughter will do next?!

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