Friday, 27 November 2015

Picture of the Day: Clockenflap2015

ANWIYCTI warmed up the crowd at 5.30pm as the sun came down
It's been a long day, going to work and then going to Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival for the first time.

The weekend music festival has been going on since 2008 and some 45,000 people attended last year. In the last few years it's been held at West Kowloon and now we can see why -- gorgeous view of Hong Kong Island as a backdrop and listening to music in an open space.

Not only that you can wander around and see other musical acts going on simultaneously.

A gorgeous sunset to start Clockenflap 2015 off!
Interestingly many people bring their very young kids, and of course there are teenagers, young women showing off as much skin as possible when it's freezing and windy, and then older folks who are well versed in music festivals, wearing boots and parkas.

The music ranged from instrumental rock from a local band called ANWIYCTI or Another World if You Can Take It, to Damien Rice with his acoustic guitar and his audience rapt with his ballads, and then Love Psychedelico from Japan with their own version of 1960s rock n roll.

More tomorrow...!

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