Monday, 9 November 2015

Quote of the Day: Hong Kong's Catholic Church on Gays

Bishop John Tong Hon claims gays are like drug addicts
Pope Francis has been hinting he is more open to homosexuals in general. But the Bishop in Hong Kong is dead fast against anyone who is gay.

Cardinal John Tong Hon has suggested to his flock of 379,000 Catholics here that when they vote on November 22, they should keep in mind candidates' views on gay rights.

Tong wrote a pastoral letter on November 5, lamenting that the city's core values on marriage and family "are continually being challenged and misinterpreted" by sexual liberation and gay rights movements.

Speaking in defense of Tong, Auxiliary Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung equated homosexuals with drug addicts.

"The church doesn't have any enemy and it wouldn't criticize anyone. It was only talking about a wrongdoing. For example, it was wrong to take drugs and we would say no, but we still love drug addicts."

He added Tong was not suggesting who the pastoral flock should vote for, but that it is their responsibility to vote.

Uh huh. And saying that voters should keep in mind which ones are for or against gay rights isn't really instructing them when they cast their ballot, then what is the church saying then?

Why are they politicizing the gay rights issue?

And where do they get the idea that gays are like drug addicts? Where does it say that in the Bible?

Homophobic rants don't help unite the community but instead divide them further. And is that what the church wants people to do?

Can someone please tell Tong we're in 2015...

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