Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Is CY Leung Extending an Olive Branch?

Leung Chun-ying with his wife Regina on election day last Sunday
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying struck a conciliatory tone by inviting those newly-elected young democrats to join advisory bodies that help shape government policies.

He said the government was willing to listen "regardless of political stance", as long as these people were in the business of serving the public.

Some welcomed the announcement, while others were skeptical. After all Leung is known as "the wolf"...

Clarisse Yeung, who won the Tai Hang consitituency
Was Leung sincere in wanting to address the problem of disenchantment among young people which led to the Occupy protests last year?

"I am glad that many young people ran in the election. Whether they won or not, my colleagues will contact them to know about their interest in serving the community," he said.

"Some advisory bodies and organizations would have vacancies from time to time. If they're interested, I'll invite them to join these bodies and represent the new generation... The government is willing to listen to them regardless of their political stance."

About 50 candidates who were inspired by the Umbrella Movement stood in this past weekend's district council elections. In total they received more than 70,000 votes, while 16 NeoDemocrats got more than 42,000 votes. NeoDemocrats are active in localism, for example protesting against parallel trading.

Francis Yam Kai-bong of the NeoDemocrats in Tai Po
Chinese University political scientist Ma Ngok is skeptical about Leung's sincerity.

"The district council poll showed that the people are very unhappy about the status quo and the lack of change in the political landscape... but based on CY's way of appointment in the past, I am not sure whether he will give a fair chance to people with different political backgrounds."

How genuine is Leung? We're tired of words and want some real action.

Hong Kong people have spoken. It's time to serve their interests!

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