Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tung Still in Denial...

Tung Chee-hwa still doesn't understand the underlying tensions in Hong Kong
Former Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee-hwa is still hammering away at the premise that Hong Kong people don't know enough about China which is the root cause of the tensions between locals and mainlanders.

He said this during a speech marking the first anniversary of Our Hong Kong Foundation, a think tank he founded.

Tung also criticized pan-democrats for filibustering against government initiatives and voting down the political reform package that would have allowed the public to directly vote for the next chief executive in 2017.

"A minority of Hong Kong people ignored the achievements made by the Chinese people... selectively focused on individual incidents and magnified them to an unlimited extent," Tung said. "They created conflict... and the so-called 'China-Hong Kong conflicts' -- this destroyed the 'one country, two systems' principle."

Need we be so dramatic?

Tung did not elaborate on what conflicts he was referring to, but it is believed to be about human rights and corruption on the mainland.

During his speech he urged locals, particularly young people, to understand China, because President Xi Jinping's recent visits to the United States and Britain showed that "to understand the country is to understand the future, and to be ignorant about it is to be ignorant about the world".

It sounds like either someone suggested Tung say this, or he felt this comment would get him brownie points. Either way did he have to point this out, when it is quite obvious Xi has the upper hand these days when it comes to economic power?

Tung then added he was touched by young people who felt passionate about justice and ideals, but that it "pains his heart" that they needed to take to the streets to express their discontent.

"If everyone is hot-blooded on the streets, will Hong Kong continue to prosper and be stable?" he asked.

His remarks clearly illustrate how out of touch he is about what happened last year. People went out to occupy the streets for 79 days because they had no where else to voice their grievances. Even their elected representatives didn't voice their concerns in the Legislative Council.

People had to do it themselves. And on the whole, they did a good job, creating a mostly peaceful demonstration save for a few skirmishes that unfortunately ended badly.

If Hong Kong people were happy with their work, their job prospects, able to buy flats and afford children, then yes -- Hong Kong would prosper and be stable.

But when the authorities are not offering practical solutions to the housing issue, the yawning wealth gap and job opportunities, then yes -- people will resort to desperate measures to have their voices heard.

But Tung does not see it that way. He seems to think people who cause trouble are a nuisance.

That's because he's not listening and not appreciating what we plebians have to go through.

Get your head out of the clouds on the Peak and see what's happening down at ground level, Grandpa Tung.

Then maybe -- just maybe -- you'll change your tune...

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