Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Traumatic Start

Baby No. 59 goes home with his mother after being extracted from a pipe
The newborn baby who fell into a toilet pipe and had to be extracted from it in hospital has now returned home in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province.

The baby boy, nicknamed "Baby No. 59" after the number on his incubator, had a rough beginning but we hope he'll be OK from now on.

Local police aren't explaining exactly what happened, but the mother, a 22 year old who is unmarried, kept the pregnancy a secret and went to the squat toilet and "accidentally" gave birth.

The authorities aren't going to charge the young mother, saying she did not drop him on purpose as she 'tried to grab the newborn before it fell into the toilet, but its body was too slippery", according to police records.

He fell into a 10-centimetre hole and was trapped there for two to three hours before he was freed. The baby suffered some cuts to his face and limbs and put in an incubator for five days.

We wonder now if the mother's parents knew about this pregnancy and the purported father is going to take a paternity test.

At first there was outrage that the baby was stuck in the sewage pipe, as many people had thought it was abandoned, but the mother was there throughout the entire rescue.

However the incident raises more questions about the couple and the baby and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

We wonder when the baby grows up and starts using the internet if he'll figure out he's Baby No. 59?

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