Friday, 31 May 2013

Calling for the Truth... Again

Tens of thousands of people in Victoria Park to remember the victims of June 4
The countdown to the anniversary of June 4 has already begun and the Tiananmen Mothers have sent an open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping calling for the government to reverse its verdict on the crackdown as "counter-revolutionary".

More than 100 people whose relatives were killed in Tiananmen Square in 1989, signed the letter, which added Xi was "not a real reformer".

"What we see, precisely, are giant steps backwards towards Maoist orthodoxy," the letter said. "This has caused those individuals who originally harboured hopes in him carrying out political reform to fall into sudden disappointment and despair."

The letter added China's leaders "come one after another, as if through a revolving door, and as they move forward, they become ever more distant and outrageous, causing a universal feeling of despair to descend on the people from all sides".

As it has every year, the group, consisting of 123 people, has called again for the government to publish a full list of the names of those who died and to compensate relatives.

"To this day, all our efforts have been in vain, we have received not a single response from the government," said the letter that was posted on an overseas rights group website.

So far China has not given any official toll for the violent crackdown, while estimates range from 200 to more than 3,000. Tiananmen Mothers believes the number is in the higher range.

"We will never give up, never stop, until June Fourth is finally reassessed, and the souls of the victims rest in peace," the letter said.

It must be so horribly painful for the victims' families not to be able to properly mourn for their loved ones, and not even have them officially counted among the dead almost 24 years ago. That means there is no official death certificate, no admission of murder, no compensation. In other words, no justice.

And of course the Communist Party will never acknowledge its bloody crackdown. We don't foresee it making any kind of mention of it in the future. To do so would shake the foundations of the Party to its core.

So life will go on on June 4 in China as it has for the past. But we are heartened to see more and more young mainland Chinese coming to Hong Kong specifically to see what happens on that day and find out more about the truth of this horrific bloody mark in modern Chinese history.

They need to know what happened because it became a turning point in how the Party behaves to this day. The future generation needs to know what kind of ruler is leading their country, and it is hardly a benevolent one. History reveals the truth.

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