Thursday, 23 May 2013

Iron Chef -- The Bulge Battle

Harlan Goldstein and Alvin Leung ham it up for the press yesterday
We are bemused by the efforts of two Hong Kong-based chefs eager to wager HK$20,000 to see who can lose more weight three months from yesterday.

Harlan Goldstein of Gold and Strip House fame, and Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation and Beautifood have challenged each other to battle the bulge, and the loser has to dress up as a waitress and work in the winner's restaurant for a day. They will also donate their money to their favourite charities, the winner's charity getting 80 percent of the loser's money.

Yesterday was the weigh-in for the chefs, both 52 years old. Goldstein is heavier at 118kg, while Leung is 110kg. Not only do both sport large stomachs, but also double chins.

It'll be interesting to see how the race goes as both serve indulgent dishes at their restaurants, though Goldstein is known for working out through kick boxing. Leung is famous for his cigar smoking.

We took a straw poll last night asking people who they thought would win, but reaction was mixed, which was intriguing. These two are pretty evenly matched up and as both are eager for publicity, their egos are on the line to shrink their waistlines.

Goldstein is known not to be a sore loser -- last July he was matched up with a banker at his gym to see who would lose more weight in a "Biggest Loser"-style challenge.

The banker won, who lost 15kg from his original weight of 135kg, while Goldstein, then 134kg only lost 13.5kg.

The chef/owner was not happy with the result and asked for a rematch. The banker agreed and then he lost, actually gaining 2kg, while Goldstein managed to lose 25kg in total.

We hope to get periodic updates from people who may see the two contenders in and around Hong Kong. Or is this a publicity stunt for both Goldstein and Leung to drum up more business for their restaurants in a bid to get customers to check out their waistlines?

Stay tuned.

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