Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gaffe of the Day: Secretary for Security

Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok
Hong Kong Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok has no clue what is going on
in the city when it comes to sexual assaults against women.

He has said that women should drink less to avoid being raped.

And of course women's groups are outraged that he would blame the victim
instead of the attacker.

"Women do not get raped because they drink too much alcohol," said Linda
Wong Sau-yung, or the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women.
"In many cases, they are raped because they have too much trust in their
friends who rape them."

Lai made the remarks Tuesday after the government's Fight Crime Committee
released statistics that showed rapes in the first three months of this
year were up almost 60 percent to 35 cases from the same period last year.

He said in all of the cases, the victims knew the attackers.

"They are either friends, close friends, or they just met a few hours ago,"
Lai said. "Some of these cases also involved the victim being raped after
drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would appeal that young ladies should
not drink too much."

Wong said Lai should withdraw his comments, that seemed to insinuate that
the victim was to blame and would not report the abuse. She believes the
number of rapes could be up to seven times the number reported.

Liu Ngan-fung, a spokeswoman for Forthright Caucus that campaigns on
women's issues, asked whether Lai was saying women should not go out at
night nor should they drink alcohol.

"Instead of putting the blame on the victim, he should step up efforts to
arrest the rapists. Did he mean that the victims deserve to be raped?"

A spokesman for the Security Bureau said Lai had not intended to blame
rape victims, and only wanted to highlight the ways in which culprits
took advantage of their victims.

This will not be the end of this fiasco until Lai realizes his gaffe
and formulates some strategy to educate women on the signs of
potential attackers and encourage women to come forward if they have
been raped.

The last thing Hong Kong needs is a security chief who is insensitive
to women when there are more females than males in the city.

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