Thursday, 16 May 2013

Crying Fowl

A giant fried egg in the harbour to the dismay of Hong Kong's rubber duck fans
What happened to our giant inflated rubber duck?

It became a giant fried egg floating in Victoria Harbour after it deflated in a few hours.

Its sponsor Harbour City explained the duck was having a "body check" and that it would need to rest for the long weekend before coming back.

However, rumours quacked their way through cyberspace, with theories that included the pollution was to blame, resulting in lung cancer and its fowl demise, vandalism from duck haters, and the latest hypothesis -- cigarette butts thrown by mainlanders punctured holes in the bird.

The shopping mall assures the public it's because strong winds and waves caused the duck to deflate which also makes us query this reason. How do strong winds and waves cause a bird to seep air?

In any event, Harbour City promises the poor duck, which has now been folded up and taken on shore, will apparently appear again in the next few days.

While news of the duck has become a priority for media outlets, it does show how much Hong Kong loves this bird that doesn't even have a name.


  1. Is this the only city/territory in the world that the duck's visited where it's been turned into a fried egg?? If so... could it be a publicity stunt???

  2. That's for some intrepid reporter to find out!