Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pictures of the Day: Rubber Duckie

Rubber Duck gets the VIP escort to Ocean Terminal today
Victoria Harbour is one giant bathtub for this giant yellow rubber duck.

Finally after months of anticipation, Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman's duck has arrived in Hong Kong and is now hanging out by Ocean Terminal as part of an outdoor art project called "Mobile M+: Inflation!".

The show includes other inflated works such as a life-size replica of the Stonehenge, and get this -- giant poo.

But back to the duck. Lots of people were out taking pictures today of the giant bird and putting them on Facebook... didn't they have to go to work?

At 16.5 metres tall, you can't miss this giant yellow thing in the water.

Who would have thought a giant rubber duck would bring smiles to so many faces?

"Once I had my first child, I saw their needs from a parent's perspective. It's very important to me," explained Hofman.

We hope Rubber Duck enjoys its stay in Hong Kong
He is known for making large installations. "By placing them in public spaces, they offer a different perspective for the space," he said.

Hofman is overwhelmed by Hong Kong people's response to the duck, which makes us wonder: Is Hong Kong such a serious city that it has lost sight of simple pleasures like playing with a rubber duck?

Hopefully this piece called Rubber Duck will remind people here to be more lighthearted.

Yes we're in Hong Kong to make money, but life's too short not to enjoy it too.

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