Wednesday, 28 August 2013

About Face

Hanging out on the beach wearing face-kinis... only in China...
I thought I was totally on the ball with what's going on in China.

But I missed one big fashion development that was reported last year -- the face-kini.

They're basically rubber face masks people (women) wear on the beach -- to avoid tanning their faces and scare of "sea creatures".

The masks have holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, but not for the ears, so hearing may not be the best, and completely unattractive.

How can you tell these women definitely don't want a tan?
Some women completely cover up, literally from head to toe while others only wear the face-kini with their bathing suits.

How did I miss this incredibly insane phenomenon?

A colleague told me about these face-kinis a few months ago and then I was reminded of them tonight when I went for a swim at the gym's pool.

There was a woman swimming breast stroke and wearing a face mask, those white cotton ones soaked in serums to enhance the skin's moisture.

We wondered if the chlorine would affect the effectiveness of the face mask...


  1. This cannot be real?!?! How crazy, surely it would be easier just to stay indoors...