Monday, 26 August 2013

The Fifth and Final Day

Screen grabs of Bo Xilai on his last day in court
The Bo Xilai trial wrapped up after five days -- many of us believe it was longer than unexpected, but who knows, it could all have been planned in advance.

Bo did not disappoint with the bits of weibo posts we got, though they were heavily censored and published less frequently day by day.

On his last day he explained his former police chief Wang Lijun had fled to the US Consulate in Chengdu because Bo discovered Wang had an affair with his wife, referring to them "like glue and paint".

"In fact they had a very special relationship," Bo said. "I was very upset about it."

He described an emotional scene where he walked into the pair as Wang was confessing his feelings for Gu Kailai.

And we thought this was all hearsay!

So did Gu have an affair with Neil Heywood?

He also claimed Gu tried to alienate Bo from his first son, Li Wangzhi, who took his mother's name. Li has been attending the trial everyday as far as we know. But in the Weibo post, Bo refers to his son as Bo Wangzhi. Was this Bo's way of trying to reconcile with his older son in court?

The Bo family members must feel awkward having their lives exposed for the world to see, but at the same time pleased Bo was given his day(s) in court.

And now we wait for the verdict, a few weeks from now. While the guilty verdict is known, how guilty he is the real question.

We just want to know how far he veered off script and if he and his wife are going to share a jail cell...

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