Friday, 2 August 2013

Picture of the Day: Fortune Diamond

The massive Fortune Diamond rises up
Tonight I visited Galaxy Macau and fortuitously or not, I walked in just as the Fortune Diamond made its entrance in the massive lobby.

Lots of people were crowded around as they watched the massive three-metre rock rise from behind the fountain. They were mesmerized watching this thing rise up, glowing in various colours.

Then a group of dancers surrounded the fountain and began doing a dance to accompany the diamond, as if paying homage to it. As the website says, the diamond "symbolizes all that we in the galaxy strive for: wealth, luck and love".

Are you feeling the love?

It's the gaudiest thing I've seen in a while (in Macau), though I have to admit it's a massive improvement from the giant sticks of "Wishing Crystals" in the other lobby...

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