Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Picture of the Day: Slippy

Watch out for the slippy floor...
Hong Kong people are constantly checking the city's observatory website tonight to see if we have typhoon 8 tomorrow. Severe Typhoon Utor hit the Philippines yesterday and is now moving in a north-westerly direction.

Originally before landing in the Philippines, Utor looked like it would come directly to Hong Kong and Macau.

But now it looks like it may miss us -- or hit us?

The Hong Kong Observatory keeps changing its mind every hour. Just before 10pm when I checked, it said the observatory may consider raising the typhoon 8 signal after midnight and then 10 minutes later its forecast said nothing about typhoon 8.

Now it's just after 11pm and 15 minutes ago the observatory says again it may consider raising to typhoon 8 again.

It's basically keeping us guessing so that we still have to wake up early to see if we still have to go to work or not.

Some believe there is a conspiracy theory that the Hong Kong government does not want to give too accurate a weather forecast, especially when it comes to typhoons because it impacts the city's productivity.

Uh hello? Typhoons can be dangerous?! We need to know if we should be going to work or going home!

Anyway, YTSL and I had dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui East and were walking on the overpass to the Hung Hom bus stop when we saw this sign. I passed one thinking it said "slippy floor" but wasn't sure. So when I saw it again, I knew my eyes weren't fooling me.

Slippy is cute, but not quite grammatically correct...


  1. The bulletin issued at 11.45pm includes the following paragraph:-

    "According to the present forecast track, Utor will be closest to Hong Kong in the morning, passing within 300 kilometres to our southwest. Local winds are already generally strong and are expected to strengthen further on Wednesday. The Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 is expected to be issued at or before 1:40 a.m."

    Bleeeh!!! Guess I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to see if it's Typhoon 8 or not -- and make my plans accordingly!

    1. See? They always make you wake up early to see what the situation is!!!

  2. I would call it chinglish :)

    re the typhoon, I would assume you have to go to work as normal unless a typhoon 8 is raised just before you head to work. I probably would keep an eye on the info when you are en route to work given flip-floping nature of HK observatory.