Thursday, 1 August 2013

Toilet Rage on the MTR Continues

The mess left behind by a girl after urinating in an MTR carriage
Many Hong Kong people are still reeling from shock and horror after hearing a young mainland Chinese girl urinated on the MTR Tuesday night.

An expat saw the family of three, a mother with a boy and girl, and noticed the boy was eating a sausage roll.

He tapped the woman on the shoulder and showed her the sign that passengers are not allowed to eat or drink in the carriage and so she stopped the boy from eating.

When the man turned around again, he saw that the girl had pulled down her pants and was crouched on the floor.

"I turned around and saw [the girl] squatting by the vertical hand rail. She was around five and p***ing in front of me on the MTR. It lasted about a minute and it smelled horrible," he said.

He said the woman, who he assumed was the mother, "was talking casually. She did not seem upset."

The expat observed the other passengers moved away from the wet spot and remained calm.

"People were shocked. Like did that really just happen?" asked the man. "You hear about it, but I never thought it would just happen in front of me. But worst of all, they made an insignificant attempt to wipe it up and hurried off at Causeway Bay."

The mess is sort of wiped up
The woman was given some tissues from two other passengers and she quickly wiped the floor, but not staying to make sure it was cleaned up.

An MTR spokesperson said no one complained about the mess from this specific incident.

"MTR strives to provide a clean and comfortable travelling environment for its passengers, and in order to achieve this, it needs their support and cooperation," he said.

There are two issues here -- mainlanders do not potty train their children. Instead if they need to go, they just go -- wherever they happen to be. However, if China wants to be perceived as more sophisticated, then its children need to be toilet trained.

The other is that Hong Kong people need to speak up when something happens. There was a previous case of a child defecating that merited outrage. But in this case, why didn't someone at least alert MTR staff that the floor needed to be cleaned up? This is a health hazard!

The more cases are recorded, the more we know they happen and the staff will have a better idea of how to deal with the situation.

Perhaps the MTR should consider putting up signs in the carriages saying no eating, no drinking and no urinating or defecating! Or would mainlanders think those rules didn't apply to them?


  1. Re the urinating, etc.: it's just so... lives up to the stereotypes we have of Mainlanders. The Mainlanders who don't conform to the stereotypes blend in while the ones who do keep on helping to perpetuate the increasingly negative perception we have of them.

    Also, I've noticed more and more people eating and drinking in the MTR. It appeared to start with the Mainlanders but now the local reaction seems to be -- if they can do it, so can we!

    1. Hi YTSL -- Yes agree about the stereotypes... they are doing it to themselves.

      And yes lots of locals eat and drink on buses too which is annoying...

  2. HK in 2013 for you. The worst are those that join in the complaints but at the same time, do the same thing - take for instance the idiots who insist on eating street food (fish dumplings, fried beancurd etc.) in a mini-bus off to Sai Kung! Stinks up the whole bus!

  3. ... and the local women in Central who EXPECT you to hold a door open but won't do the same! Many a times have I been a victim of a local woman walking in front of me, simply slipping through a closing door - what? they don't have hands?!? LOL. Admittedly, it is a unique skill!

    1. HI Anonymous

      Yep you do have a point about the women who don't reciprocate on holding the door open!