Thursday, 29 August 2013

Size Matters

The Rubber Duck will invade the Chinese capital next Friday
China really has an inferiority complex when it comes to Hong Kong.

In 1997 Sir Norman Foster designed the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. While it's way out in Lantau, it is infinitely better than what we had at Kai Tak.

The mainland refused to be outdone.

So in 2008 in time for the Beijing Summer Olympics, Foster was again commissioned to design Beijing Capital International Airport -- three times bigger than Hong Kong's.

Fast forward to May 2013 when Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck bobbed up and down in Victoria Harbour for a month.

People immediately fell for the 16.5-metre high duck that brought out the children in them.

And now China has asked Hofman to create an even bigger Rubber Duck at 18 metres tall that will float on a lake in the newly built Beijing Garden Expo Park in Fengtai district from next Friday until September 23.

Then the duck will fly? swim? to Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace until October 26.

Already Chinese internet users are annoyed that entrance fees to the two parks are 100 yuan for Beijing Garden Expo Park and 30 yuan for the Summer Palace.

"Why was it free in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong and we need to buy tickets in Beijing?" asked one Sina Weibo microblogger.

No doubt the admission fees will be used to pay Hofman, though we think he won't be too pleased about the financial arrangement, as he's all about sharing and public space.

There are also concerns there is going to be tons of traffic in these areas, not to mention hordes of people too.

If mainlanders don't like it, they can go find the 10 counterfeit ducks that have been spotted in cities such as Dongguan, Tianjin, Xian, Wenzhou and Wuhan.

In any event we'll see duck mania sweep the capital... does this mean more Peking ducks will be consumed as well?

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