Thursday, 8 August 2013

Disgusting Nightmare Come True

We hope the central government will seriously put left-behind children as one of its priorities after hearing about at least six young girls were molested by their 62-year-old teacher in Jiangxi province.

The girls, eight and nine years of age from Shangyuan Primary School in Ruichang city are being treated for genital and anal warts they got from their teacher.

"He [would] always put his two chalk-tainted fingers inside me. It hurt so much even to walk," said an eight-year old victim.

"Sometimes inside the classroom when we were reciting textbooks, sometimes in his office. It happened many, many times, more than 60 times," said a nine-year-old.

However Hong Kong-based urologist Kwok Ka-ki said: "It is highly unlikely the abuse involved fingers only, as the virus [which causes the warts] lives on the mucus membrane of sexual organs."

Doctors found the girls' vaginal and anal regions covered by masses of red and white bumps that were confirmed to be highly contagious genital warts.

Kwok added the warts had to be treated immediately and properly to try to avert the risk of developing cancer.

"My sister-in-law took my girl and boy on a train from Ruichang to Hangzhou to visit me and my husband during the summer holidays," said Jian Liming, a 29-year-old mother to one of the girls. "When I saw her, she was already walking strangely, deliberately with her legs apart. That evening when I bathed here, my heart was torn to pieces. I couldn't sleep or eat properly for days."

The children were left in the village to be raised by their grandparents while the parents went to cities to find good-paying jobs. And so the children had no idea about sex education, but then again their parents would not have known to teach them either.

Regardless, the teacher preyed on the young girls. After the parents reported the incident on July 4 to the Ruichang Public Security Bureau, he was arrested the following day, confessing to molesting seven girls while marking assignments in his office and during classes. The seventh victim changed schools and lost contact with the other families.

As police are investigating the case, the Ruichang education department sacked the principal of the primary school and another principal who oversaw the school.

If the children's incident wasn't disgusting enough, one of the parents told the media of how they and their children were confined to a local hospital while the government sent people to push them to sign a paper agreeing that they would not pursue the case in exchange for 50,000 yuan ($8,166).

In addition, when parents of three of the girls tried to switch to a bigger hospital in Jiujiang city on Monday, their medical records were withheld by the Ruichang hospital.

"They don't even have the proper equipment to perform vaginal examinations on young girls," said Wu Xueren, a father who works in Wenzhou with his wife. "They also performed four cryoablations [a process that uses extreme cold to destroy tissue] on my girl without anesthesia. She cried her lungs out every time and her legs literally shook before we walked into the surgery."

Hong Kong-based Kwok says cryoablations used without anesthesia is unethical and unacceptable for anyone, let alone young girls.

These girls' lives have been ruined for a dirty old man's pleasure. While we hope they will physically heal, the psychological effects have traumatized them forever. How can they trust anyone in authority again, let alone any adult?

For the parents this is also devastating -- they could not protect their daughters -- and now all their hopes and dreams for their children have evaporated. They don't know if their daughters will be resilient enough to move on with some kind of counselling, if it even exists in this small town.

Shame on the government officials who tried to bribe silence from the parents and we wish the fathers and mothers courage and strength as they fight the system for some kind of justice.


  1. Wow, heartbreakingly sad in so many ways.

    1. Hi littlekoo

      Sadly these incidents happen and will continue to happen in China... not enough sex education, parents having to work in other cities and officials who don't want a tainted record...