Monday, 17 November 2014

A Last Look?

Protesters are still out in force on the 51st day of the Umbrella Movement
Media are reporting that police will begin helping bailiffs execute court injunctions at two protest sites, beginning with Citic Tower in Admiralty as early as tomorrow and Mongkok later this week.

These barricades may be taken down as early as tomorrow
I took one more look around Admiralty tonight and saw as many tents as there has been on Harcourt Road, but these will probably be removed later. They didn't seem to be occupied by many protesters, though there were a number of us wandering around the area. This evening people made speeches, others busy folding umbrellas out of paper, or even making T-shirts with Umbrella Movement decals on them.

Nearby is Citic Tower and there are lots of barricades up, making it somewhat difficult to access the building, though there is an overpass bridge linking it with Queensway. But in terms of vehicular traffic there are disruptions to getting there and so those bigwigs with chauffeured cars can't get to their offices...

Some road signs creatively adapted
It's amazing to see today marks the 51st day of the occupation and there are still a number of people out there determined to see this to the end.

But the protest is coming to an unglorious end through court injunctions that aren't even being filed by the government for the good of the people of Hong Kong, but by companies that are forced to fend for their own interests.

This demonstrates how inept and passive the Hong Kong government is in looking out for the best interests of its citizens. If anything the Umbrella Movement has laid bare the fact that the city is not working, the growing wealth gap, how economically repressed the next generation is, the collusion between tycoons and government and people's determination that they are Hong Kong people and have no attachment to the mainland.

Is this how Beijing wants Hong Kong to be? Today the start of the long-anticipated stock connect scheme, where mainlanders can invest in Hong Kong stocks and vice versa.

This minion may be removed tomorrow!
But the day ended lower, with not many mainlanders keen on investing in Hong Kong... perhaps the propaganda machine works too well...

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