Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Battle for Viewers has Begun

A toast of victory for Ricky Wong (centre) with the launch of HKTV online
HKTV boss Ricky Wong Wai-kay got his comeuppance with the launch of his widely-anticipated online television station yesterday that had over 1 million downloads, far beyond his expectations.

"I thought I would only have 30,000 to 50,000 viewers this morning," he said.

Wong suffered a massive setback when the government rejected his application for a free-to-air license last year. It sparked massive protests at Civic Square in the government headquarters in Tamar.

He then tried to get a mobile TV license but told this could not go ahead for technical reasons and so he went online instead.

There were 330,000 downloads of HKTV's app via smart TV or set-top boxes, and 670,000 downloads through mobile devices. There were 250,000 viewers in the first seven hours of service.

Live streaming was available from 8pm and on-demand viewing of the crime thriller Borderline and political drama The Election were available from 6am.

Some people complained on social media that they could not access HKTV's website after live broadcasts began at 8pm, and Wong promised to try to fix the glitches as soon as possible.

Seems that Wong chose November 19 to launch HKTV's online service on the same day TVB celebrated its 47th anniversary.

Wong Cho-lam (left) proposes to his girlfriend on TV...
And in the battle for ratings, one of its stars, comedian Wong Cho-lam wore a red checkered suit and carrying a massive bouquet of red roses, proposed to his long-time girlfriend actress Leanne Li Ya-nan during the anniversary gala.

After he gave a heartening speech, Wong Cho-lam presented her a three-carat diamond ring, and she promptly took off the ring she was wearing and put on his before even accepting the proposal.

Oh yeah -- I do!

Talk about using the romantic strategy in the battle for ratings...

Apparently TVB chairman Norman Leung didn't know about Wong Cho-lam's plan to propose on TV, but was apparently moved to tears...

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  1. Quality of HKTV are better than TVB, period...closer to what i am used to...

    looks like Wong Cho Lam also bought his house rumored at 10 million HKD. I guess he can't wait for his HOS flat (as a pre-requisitie for marriage to Leanne Li Ah Nam)