Saturday, 29 November 2014

Taunting the Authorities

There were light showers, with yellow umbrellas out in force in Mongkok
Just came back from "going shopping" in Mongkok with YTSL, where we saw lots of people walking up and down Nathan Road, but also trying to reoccupy the area after it was cleared earlier this week.

A crowd of people converged on Sai Yeung Choi and Soy streets, with a few holding up yellow umbrellas and people shouting things like "open the road!" and "you bitch!" at the female police officer trying to get the crowd to disperse.

Protesters giving the three-finger salute a la Hunger Games
Nearby is the Broadway Cinema, and there was a large screen showing movie trailers. Whenever the one for Rise of the Legend, about martial arts hero Wong Fei-hung was shown, people cheered, and when a commercial was on people booed.

At 11pm the screen shut down for the evening and so protesters showed their defiance by holding up their arms in a three-finger salute -- in reference to the Hunger Games...

Perhaps they'll start quoting lines from movies soon?

The atmosphere wasn't tense -- in fact it was genial though there were groups of police officers every few metres away either making sure no one got onto Nathan Road, or standing from afar and observing the situation.

At one point we saw people following someone holding a yellow umbrella and they had gone "shopping", buying egg waffles and offering them to complete strangers, or buying snacks to eat themselves. YTSL contributed by going to Hagen Daaz and buying a Dulce de Leche ice cream cone!

The crowds dispersing and moving around, has created more problems for the police to handle -- it was easier when they were all hanging out in one spot -- on Nathan and Argyle -- as YTSL points out.

Lots of police hanging around the area tonight
What's happening in Mongkok is thanks to the Hong Kong government still doing nothing about the situation. Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor refused to have a meeting with the pan-democrats as a handful of them visited her at her residence on the Peak.

"We told Mrs Lam that the government must create circumstances that are conducive to ending the 'umbrella movement'. But she gave us no response at all on this," said Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit.

Other lawmakers there were Ronny Tong Ka-wah, Albert Ho Chun-yan, Lee Cheuk-yan and Kenneth Leung.

Lam probably has her hands tied, with Beijing probably instructing her to do nothing, but really the impasse can only be resolved through some kind of dialogue.

The police are left doing the dirty work while protesters run circles around them. And this will continue, prolonging the frustration and also mockery of the ineffectiveness of the authorities in dealing with this important issue...


  1. You are correct, the HK Police is doing the dirty arresting and physically beating the reporters and protesters handcuffed...

    now Security Bureau is creating files on everyone who 'shopped' at Mong Kok by taping who is presently "shopping"

    1. Hi nulle -- yes we saw police filming protesters and protesters filming police... it's mutual...

  2. actually it is different, police filming protesters to set up files similar to Gestapo aka Geheime Staatspolizei for the Security Bureau..

    the protesters filming the police to keep the police honest (from beating journalist and protesters.)