Saturday, 8 November 2014

False Alarm

The protests are going on in this picture... but can you see them creating havoc?
We wonder if Beijing is getting the correct information on the ground about what's really happening in Hong Kong after we read there are two mainland academics who are advising the central government on Hong Kong affairs.

Huang Ping, vice-chairman of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, and Chen Xinxin, a legal affairs expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences claim that the ongoing protests are a threat to "Hong Kong security" which is related to national security.

The pair wrote an article published in the latest issue of Hong Kong and Macao Journal, saying the protests have paralyzed the city for six weeks, upset social order and undermined rule of law.

"It also has some elements of a 'colour revolution' and has already threatened 'Hong Kong security'," the two academics wrote. "Hong Kong security is a crucial determinant of national security of China, which is Hong Kong's sovereign country."

Have Huang and Chen actually been to the protest sites from the beginning and watched them evolve? Have they seen that the protesters have been mindful of the public space they are occupying, and that there was no damage to storefront windows, police vehicles or provoked attacks on police officers?

These two are just part of the ongoing chorus who say the Umbrella Movement is illegal and that the protesters should leave the sites and go back to their lives.

The academics are completely missing the entire point of the protest and why people resorted to civil disobedience. Perhaps that's why they are living in an ivory tower...

Johnny Lau Yui-siu is a political commentator who covered the drafting process of the Basic Law in the 1980s as a journalist. He says "Hong Kong security" was not the focus among drafters at the time.

"The two academics simply invented a new term to serve the political needs of targeting Occupy Central," he said. He added there was no need to panic about "Hong Kong security". "I understand that Beijing won't send the People's Liberation Army to the streets of Hong Kong unless there is serious looting and disturbances," he said.

The shrill voices of Huang and Chen need to chill -- or do they hope that by publishing this fear-mongering paper they can win some brownie points with Beijing?

Hardly impressive from this end.


  1. These two idiotic academics are not ivory tower bound...they are programmed by the PRC and enticed as such...

    I am curious why some people who works in the media industry continue to write towing the CCP party line..what are you afraid of? losing your jobs? If you continue this path in HK, HK WILL become a POLICE state similar to the PRC China....then what's the use if you are rich and live in a POLICE state??

    Muster some courage to make a better more FREE future for your children.

    1. HI nulle -- what's wrong with reporting on what China thinks? Gives us a better idea of their mind set and tells the world what we have to deal with...