Sunday, 2 November 2014

Continuing the Protest

A "tank" created by an artist using water bottles and a tent
Today is Day 36 of the Umbrella Movement and YTSL and another friend and I hung out in Admiralty for a few hours in the afternoon. The weather was perfect and lots of people were there.

A drawing of Lion Rock on a tent complete with banner
Every time we go there's new things springing up especially when it comes to art. This week it's images of Lion Rock that have inspired people these few days and even Totoro carries an umbrella with a silhouette of the mountain where a group of climbers had unfurled a yellow banner that said, "I want true democracy".

At one tent, a woman was handing out the paper version of the banner that was printed by Apple Daily. And at another stand there were mini ones passers-by could take and they even had tape at the back for people to stick on their foreheads to take pictures...

Some faces of the Umbrella Movement
We were very impressed by one artist who used a long roll of white paper and drew quick but realistic portraits of ordinary people willing to pose for him. Entitled "The Faces of Our Umbrella Movement 2014", there are all kinds of people there, young old, men and women. He was recording their presence there and already several people were lining up waiting for him to come back.

YTSL and I noticed there were even more tents than before -- there seemed to be additional ones posted towards the Wan Chai side which made us wonder if there really were more people literally occupying the streets.

There were some tents though that had signs that said the occupant was now back at work and would be back soon. Others really were there for the long term, hanging out in their tents, reading or chatting with friends.

There seems to be a growing number of tents in the area
As we sat at our usual spot on the flyover by the PLA barracks, we saw many people walking to and from Central, some were definitely tourists, others seemed to have a look of wonder -- were they just visiting for the first time?

After all this time?


  1. It is interesting that the protest areas continue to attract people, including new visitors. I wonder how long for the authorities are expecting to play the waiting game. It may be for quite a bit longer than they realize..

    1. Well for Beijing they can be very patient...