Friday, 14 November 2014

Pictures of the Day: Occupying Causeway Bay

The quiet scene at Causeway Bay earlier this evening
Tonight I happened to be in Causeway Bay and took a quick look at the Occupy site there.

It's pretty sad -- occupying a few lanes of Hennessy Road and only allowing traffic going westbound on one lane.

When I last visited on October 1, the occupation spread all over Hennessy Road and everyone sitting all over the street. And there was no traffic all the way to Admiralty and Central really. But now it's very much a shadow of its former self.

An angry Totoro stands guard!
There are several rows of tents and some people occupying them, and spurts of art work here and there.

During rush hour most people ignored the protesters and walked across Hennessy Road while a few posed for pictures just in front of the tents and such.

If the police move in next week it could be quite easy to clear Causeway Bay because it is such a small number of people and tents in the area.

Overall they didn't disrupt traffic too much going westbound, but surely people going eastbound may find it a nuisance...


  1. Yes, the Causeway Bay protest area is a shadow of what it once was -- but I think it still serves a purpose, in that it seems to be the one that visitors to Hong Kong are most likely to see. And the thing I find interesting is how there often are quite a number of people standing on the side checking things out, listening to the speakers, etc.

    And that's an interesting Totoro image there -- unlike anything I've seen at Admiralty or Mongkok!

    1. Hi YTSL -- last night there were no speakers, around 7pm, and then I was busy rushing to Victoria Park to get a good look of what was going on.

      And yep caught that picture of Totoro for you!

    2. The last time I was there, there was a Mandarin speaker from Taiwan talking - and quite a few mainland tourists gathered to hear him speak - something I found pretty interesting.

      And awww, thanks for getting that Totoro pic for me. :)