Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Aftermath of Typhoon Nida

Lots of wind, rain and choppy seas when Typhoon Nida skirted nearby
Typhoon Nida came and went overnight, though in the morning it was still Typhoon signal No. 8.

Outside the winds were blowing north east, though within an hour, from 8am to 9am, the winds subsided somewhat and the water in Victoria Harbour looked much calmer.

Some trees were damaged during the typhoon
I needed to get to the office, and walking outside just before 10am it was not too windy with light showers. However, along Forbes Street in Kennedy Town where the Banyan trees cling to the walls, there were branches and leaves strewn everywhere.

The prediction the Hong Kong Observatory possibly raising the typhoon signal to No. 9 or even 10 was overrated, though there was some destruction on the roads, with trees falling down in Kowloon Tong, scaffolding falling over in Wan Chai, and very strong winds in certain pockets of the city, though overall it wasn't too dramatic.

But the No. 8 signal didn't come down to No. 3 until just before 1pm, which meant most people had the day off, or only came into work for three or four hours.

Lots of angry Cathay and Dragon Air passengers at the airport
However the typhoon created chaos at the airport, particularly for Cathay Pacific, scrambling to get hundreds of flights back into the air, and there were a lot of angry passengers whose patience was wearing very thin.

This evening it was nice and cool -- why can't it be like this all the time!

The weather in the next few days is expected to be unsettled, but tonight, there was not a drop of rain, and cool breezes.

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