Thursday, 11 August 2016

Olympic Pride of Crisis Management?

 Wu Minxia may show off her gold medal and diving skills in Hong Kong
After every Olympics, the Chinese gold medallists get to visit Hong Kong to boost the national pride, but this time they will come a week before the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

There are concerns the athletes competing in Rio could face backlash due to rising "pro-independence sentiment".

Swimmer Sun Yang will probably come too
Typically the gold medallists give sports demonstrations and meet fans during their three-day stay. Athletes that will likely come are Zhang Mengxue, winner of the women's 10-metre air pistol event; (controversial) swimming star Sun Yang, and Wu Minxia, the five-time diving gold medallist.

Hong Kong chef de mission Kenneth Fok Kai-kong said he would try to invite bronze medallist and social media sensation Fu Yuanhui to come, after the swimmer's post race interviews made her endearing all over the world. She expressed complete delight at finding out from a reporter that she had won bronze, and made funny faces on the podium.

However, Fok says it is up to the Chinese national team who will come to Hong Kong August 26-28.

While he is not worried about backlash during the athletes' visit, Fok was concerned about the event being politicized and that it's about the medallists and sports.

There are hopes to get bronze medallist Fu Yuanhui to come
However, political analyst Dr Chung Kim-wah of Polytechnic University warned the upcoming visit could backfire in the wake of the rise of pro-independence sentiment in Hong Kong.

"The visit, like those in the past, is supposed to promote social harmony and drum up social support for Beijing and the Hong Kong government. But the government should be prepared for some embarrassing moments when the medallists are confronted with anti-China protests," Chung said.

This Friday night could be the start with localists planning to broadcast a badminton match between Hong Kong and China on the street.

Don't say you weren't warned...

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