Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mysterious Force Derails Chow's Legco Run

Ken Chow claims forces beyond Hong Kong's jurisdiction threatened him
Things are getting murkier in the case of Liberal Party candidate Ken Chow Wing-kan, who dropped out of the Legislative Council race, claiming he feared threats from a source "outside Hong Kong" that was more powerful than Beijing's Liaison Office or the triads.

That certainly raised eyebrows.

In an interview with Next Magazine, Chow said there was no way local authorities could look into the matter because "The power does not come from Hong Kong. How can they investigate. It's beyond their jurisdiction".

However, Chow, who was running for New Territories West, refused to divulge who made the threats against him.

"I can only say it's a very powerful force. The pressure [I face] is far greater than any individual or political party [can impose]," he said.

Chow dropped out last Thursday during a televised debate, saying he did not want those close to him get into "high level troubles".

Junius Ho denies knowledge of threats made by his volunteer
The Independent Commission Against Corruption has launched an investigation following complaints filed by several political parties.

After the televised debate, Chow released a recording from a volunteer who worked for pro-Beijing candidate Junius Ho Kwan-yiu.

In it, a man's voice can be heard suggesting mobilizing several dozen people to "chase after" Chow before the election forum. Ho has denied any knowledge of this plan or recording.

During the Next Magazine interview, Chow denied his withdrawal had to do with the recording.

"The political climate in Hong Kong right now is very scary. This could be the last election where there are choices," he said.

He was asked if he was worried about being disappeared, and Chow replied that is why he went to the UK and not Thailand, Myanmar or China.

Chow said he would return to Hong Kong after the election and would say more if people were interested.

Of course we are!

The booksellers' saga adds more fears about people's rights
It will be interesting to see if some people do vote for Chow on Sunday, as he cannot withdraw his candidacy after it has been approved. His own party doesn't even know what happened.

We had the incident of the missing Hong Kong booksellers being intimidated, and now a political candidate fears running because of some strong forces that seem to threaten him and anyone close to him.

Chow is not a separatist or a localist.

What is going on?

But we probably won't know until after September 4. This year's race is definitely a bizarre one and we hope it's not a sign of things to come.

If anything, this incident should encourage the public to get out and exercise their right to vote without fear.

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