Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Catch in K-Town

Delicious Catch crab boil with mussels, clams, chorizo and sweet corn
Did some eating around Kennedy Town this weekend with my cousin in town for a few days.

On Friday evening we went to the popular Catch, short for Catchick but also a hint to the seafood menu, as in catch of the day.

When I booked the table for 6.30pm, they asked us to vacate it by 8.30pm, which gave the impression it was very busy, but when we got there, we were the only ones dining in the restaurant for at least an hour.

A side dish of pan-fried okra with lentils and shallots
Nevertheless it was fun having the place to ourselves, and having the restaurant open up to the street gave us another perspective -- watching people walking by peering in to where we were, as well as buses and trams driving through.

My cousin was craving beef tartare, so we ordered this one ($138), that arrived on two baguette slices topped with half quail eggs. We liked the chunks of beef, but the seasoning was on the very spicy end of the scale with a slow, hot burn.

We had a side of pan-fried okra with lentils and shallots (HK$48) that was quite a large bowl for two, but we liked the taste and healthiness of the dish.

For mains, the baked salmon, walnut, coriander, capsicum and chilli salsa, and minted cabbage salad ($198) was light and very refreshing with the combination of flavours and textures.

Baked salmon with chilli salsa and minted cabbage salad
Then we got our fingers dirty digging into the Catch crab boil (HK$168 for small, HK$328 large). Since we ordered the small one, the crab was also relatively small, and didn't have that much meat in the legs, but we really enjoyed eating the mussels and clams, both plump and juicy.

We also liked the thick slices of chorizo and of course the buttery sauce. We asked for some bread to mop it up and we were soon stuffed -- so much so we couldn't even fit dessert in.

When we wobbled out of there around 8pm, we had a short walk around the neighbourhood to at least try to digest some of the meal, a memorable one.

G/F, 93 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town
2855 1289

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