Monday, 1 August 2016

Awaiting Typhoon Nida

At around 6.30pm, the view looking to Wan Chai was like this
There was talk all day in the office about when Typhoon Nida would strike Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Observatory was being coy all day, with vague descriptions of when it would make landfall. It wasn't until the afternoon that the weather service suggested it would raise the No. 8 signal between 6pm and 10pm.

For office workers it feels like a conspiracy -- that the typhoon signal is raised just after they get off work. For restaurants, it is a tricky situation -- do open and risk having no customers show up? Or do you close and risk having one less day to make money to pay rent?

About an hour later the view was still very calm outside
My friend and I had planned to go for an early dinner at a restaurant in Central, but the staff there advised us it would close because of the impending typhoon. Instead we headed to a place that was located on the top floor of a building in Causeway Bay.

It didn't feel like there was a typhoon coming -- in fact the view of Victoria Harbour showed calm waters for the most part and rush hour traffic was normal.

We enjoyed our dinner and kept checking the Hong Kong Observatory for updates. It wasn't until 8.40pm when the Typhoon 8 signal was hoisted, and by that time we just ordered dessert.

Leaving the restaurant, Causeway Bay was eerily quiet -- the streets were pretty much deserted and I got on a bus with few passengers on it, and as a result, got home quite fast.

By that time it was quite windy in Kennedy Town -- it blew so hard my umbrella flipped inside out and the rain started coming down.

Victoria Harbour looked placid for an impending typhoon
The Hong Kong Observatory believes Typhoon Nida will arrive early tomorrow morning, on the northeast side of Hong Kong, before moving towards Shenzhen.

Many are expecting to sleep in tomorrow... we'll have to see how it goes.

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