Monday, 29 August 2016

Saga of Assault using a Breast Continues

Ng Lai-ying (left) expresses relief after emerging from court today
Last March in Yuen Long, at a protest against parallel traders who snap up goods in Hong Kong to sell across the border, a woman was charged for assaulting a police officer with her breast.

How one does that was hard to fathom and the story grabbed headlines around the world for such a bizarre charge. And women's rights protesters expressed bewilderment at how a breast could be a weapon.

Last March she was charged with assault using her breast
But Ng Lai-ying, 30, was actually convicted of this charge and today was able to appeal against going to jail, but was unable to overturn her conviction.

Mrs Justice Judianna Barnes wrote in her judgment that it appeared Ng was trying to get her boyfriend Kwong Chun-lung off the hook when she bumped into Inspector Chan Ka-po with her breast and yelled "indecent assault".

"Although her action could not be said to be excusable, the court should consider it was under this circumstance that she committed the offence," Justice Barnes said.

But the judge noted the offence remained serious in that she falsely accused Chan of indecent assault, which could have incited the crowd. She warned Ng that if she failed to display remorse, she could still face a jail term.

Last year protesters made fun of breasts being used as weapons
Kwong, 20 also managed to overturn his original sentence of time at a training centre, but was unable to overturn his conviction as well.

Outside the court, Ng gasped, "I was relieved", and added she and Kwong respected the court's decision.

The pair and two others will be sentenced on September 26, with the expectation of time doing community service.

Falsely claiming indecent assault is definitely wrong, but it's still interesting that a breast could be considered a weapon...

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