Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sliding in Hong Kong

Enjoy the thrill of sliding down and taking in the view of the city too
At the Central waterfront there's a giant 10-metre long slide for people to beat the heat, though according to the Chinese lunar calendar, summer was officially over on Tuesday.

Slide in the City had a delayed start yesterday
Slide in the City was supposed to open at 9am yesterday until Monday, but was delayed until 2pm because it was waiting for approval from the Hong Kong government's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Karen Kwok Ka-yan, project director of event organizer Dreams Salon Entertainment Culture, conceded the company had underestimated the time it needed to win government approval for the installation.

As a result, many people who had tickets for the morning session were disappointed they couldn't play on the slide, though they were happy to return at a later time and get a free bottle of water each.

This is the second year Slide the City has come to Hong Kong. The American outfit first installed temporary slides in the United States in 2013 and has since gone to Canada, Japan, Columbia and Malaysia.

Visitors can hang out in the make-shift beach...
There were over 16,000 people who visited the site in Hong Kong last year and organizers are hoping for 6,000 a day for six days.

While people can enter the site for free, they have to pay HK$180 to HK$580 to use the slide for two hours, depending on the time of day. There's even an artificial beach complete with deckchairs and large plastic balls.

Sound like fun? Join the line...

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