Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Weather Woes

An umbrella is a must these days, and wearing rubber boots is even better...
This morning the weather looked... fine. It looked muggy and hazy, and when I left for work, the Hong Kong Observatory's weather report said there could be isolated thunderstorms so I packed the umbrella.

By 11am in Taipo, the trees were swaying in the strong winds and then the sky got noticeably darker. Then the downpours came, so much so in the olden days, people would have started building an ark.

There was thunder and lightning too. The Hong Kong Observatory says there were almost 5,000 lightning strikes within three hours of thunderstorms.

Li Yuet-sim, acting senior scientific officer at the observatory says the exact number was 4,884 times between 11am and 1.59pm. Of that, 3,916 of the lightning strikes were in New Territories East, where our office is.

This is not considered the highest concentration -- that was on September 9, 2010 when there were 13,000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

I'm trying to remember where I was that day, and I think I was probably in the office.

We're supposed to get similar weather tomorrow...

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