Saturday, 27 August 2016

Picture of the Day: Election Literature

Who would you choose to represent your interests from this lot?
Next Sunday is the Legislative Council elections. In the geographical constituency for Hong Kong Island, there are 15 candidates vying for six seats.

These are all the flyers I have received from the candidates -- who would you pick?

This year is going to be very interesting, as people seem tired of the traditional pan-democrats and many shades of democrats have emerged, including localists who are even advocating independence which has been mooted.

Radicals like Leung Kwok-hung or "Long Hair" and Wong Yuk-man are considered passe these days, though localist parties aren't getting much traction beyond some young people.

This vote splitting only makes it easier for the pro-Beijing DAB to potentially gain even more traction.

Nevertheless there are some notable candidates for Hong Kong Island.

First up is Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, founder and chairperson of the New People's Party and her "Team Regina" slogan. At a glance her platform looks pretty mainstream. Who doesn't want to improve air quality and reduce students' stress?

Nathan Law Kwun-chung of Demosisto escaped jail time recently following his conviction of inciting others to join in unlawful assembly almost two years ago which sparked the 79-day occupation of Admiralty.

The party's main platform is to hold a referendum in 10 years, asking Hong Kong people about how they want the city to be governed come 2047, when "one country, two systems" expires.

Independent Paul Zimmerman is the only gweilo running. He's been involved in local politics for a few years, and in the past year has been pretty active in trying to improve aspects of Hong Kong's environment, from suggesting seats at bus stops, cleaning up beaches, and cracking down on land abuses in the New Territories.

The Dutchman definitely manages to shine a light on these issues, and shows up at major rallies even if he doesn't understand everything that's been said.

Finally there's Ricky Wong Wai-kay another independent, who has campaigned on "ABC" or "Anybody except CY Leung".

His campaign material is pretty comprehensive and bilingual too going through 12 main issues advocating small class sizes in schools, reforming the MPF scheme and more transport subsidies.

It's interesting this businessman is keen to run and we'll see how he does. But he has definitely thought out how he'd like Hong Kong to be run with his 99-page policy platform.

So another week to decide... decisions, decisions...

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